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Ron Blair from the Heartbreakers playing his black jazz bass through Ampeg svt 8x10 heritage. The second stack was set to standby. #bass #fender #ampeg #tompetty

Video Chicken

My lifelong love of 80s-style arcade games and Spicy Chicken have come together in this project I shot for Tim Horton’s and JWT. Check it here: http://www.timhortons.com/ca/en/promos/spicy-chicken.php

Stirring the rice at Zakkushi

@coleyoung gave me a portrait of my bass by @pauldotey Such a great present

Behind the Scenes: PC Must Try! from Edward Pond on Vimeo.

If you were in Toronto this spring you remember it was bloody cold right? I kicked of the season directing 8 summer TV spots with John St. for President’s Choice. We rolled camera in late April — yeah chilly — and we needed a summer feel. So we warmed things up in the studio with sun-kissed lighting, hot BBQ grills, a dozen models, a thousand props and a crew that cannot be beat. Of course I ate everything in sight.

I’m new at Sugino Studios, and Shin has made my entry into directing motion a cinch. He DP’ed these spots with me and we had a blast. Thanks to Hannah Smit, Anna Neilson, Keri Zierler and Stephen Jurisic at John St. for having me on board.

www.suginostudio.com  www.edwardpond.com

B&N are having a sale. Picked up 31 blu-rays yesterday. We’re nerding out on commentaries. I’ve never seen Badlands!

Taco coma with a lot of little salsas

Grilled Cheese Sizzle

I kicked off the summer directing 8 TV spots for the PC Must Try! campaign with John St. All the food was real — people always ask me that — and we ate everything in sight. Here’s a compilation of the first 4 spots

I love it when a client asks me to make a real mess. Cottage Life is one of my favourite magazines and it’s always a delicious day working with them.

Food Styling by David Grenier. Props Laura Branson

If you’d been walking, driving or TTCing around town, then I’m sure you’ve noticed these Tim Horton’s Crispy Chicken billboards that Edward shot last fall. We had a lot of fun with JWT to make these fresh looking ads. Take a gander at this fun little gif.

Client: Tim Horton’s
Agency: JWT
ACD: David Taylor
Creative: Max Young
Food Stylist: David Grenier
Prop Stylist: Laura Branson
Photo Assistant: Bryan Ulrich
Retouching: Neil Wysocki


Edward teamed up with Union last summer to shoot some (and then eat every piece of) delicious pizza for Pizzeria Libretto for their new Instragram feed ”Librettogram”, which is being used as a social media/menu mash-up for those on the go! Make sure to check it out on your phone for the best effect. 

As a special bonus, the campaign has been getting some extra love at glossy.com and around the web.

Client: Pizzeria Libretto 
Agency: Union
Executive CD/Partner: Lance Martin
Copywriter/Associate CD: Mike Takasaki
Art Director/Associate CD: Glen D’Souza
Head of Integrated Production: Jen Dark
Photographer: Edward Pond
Photo Assistant/Retouching: Neil Wysocki

Lemongrab Bass Tech. I should be napping, but I’m working on my pedal board.

Bacon payment: kale, pineapple, banana blackberry smoothie. #paynoworpaylater

Yeah I’m shooting a remake of Blade Runner with my phone. Nice afternoon #actualmodel (at Museum of the Moving Image)

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