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If you’d been walking, driving or TTCing around town, then I’m sure you’ve noticed these Tim Horton’s Crispy Chicken billboards that Edward shot last fall. We had a lot of fun with JWT to make these fresh looking ads. Take a gander at this fun little gif.

Client: Tim Horton’s
Agency: JWT
ACD: David Taylor
Creative: Max Young
Food Stylist: David Grenier
Prop Stylist: Laura Branson
Photo Assistant: Bryan Ulrich
Retouching: Neil Wysocki


Edward teamed up with Union last summer to shoot some (and then eat every piece of) delicious pizza for Pizzeria Libretto for their new Instragram feed ”Librettogram”, which is being used as a social media/menu mash-up for those on the go! Make sure to check it out on your phone for the best effect. 

As a special bonus, the campaign has been getting some extra love at glossy.com and around the web.

Client: Pizzeria Libretto 
Agency: Union
Executive CD/Partner: Lance Martin
Copywriter/Associate CD: Mike Takasaki
Art Director/Associate CD: Glen D’Souza
Head of Integrated Production: Jen Dark
Photographer: Edward Pond
Photo Assistant/Retouching: Neil Wysocki

Lemongrab Bass Tech. I should be napping, but I’m working on my pedal board.

Bacon payment: kale, pineapple, banana blackberry smoothie. #paynoworpaylater

Yeah I’m shooting a remake of Blade Runner with my phone. Nice afternoon #actualmodel (at Museum of the Moving Image)

My work here is done. I’m going back to bed. House of Cards, I’ll deal with you later

Breakfast bacon sandwiches

Guitar Hockey Breakfast at Steve’s

Up at 6:45 for a hockey part. How did this happen?

Working with the team from Crush, I shot still elements for this cool spot. The challenge was to shoot three sandwiches and prepare the files to look like one big sandwich that comes apart like lego. Then Crush gave it a 3D treatment that’s knocking me out. Thanks to creative Drew Frohman at TA2 and producer Maggie Kelly for bringing me on board, also to visual effects maestro Kealem Cahill, Emma Wojick and Patty Bradley at Crush. Heather Shaw food styled the delicious sandwiches. Neil Wysocki did some careful compositing and retouching.

No lights, One window, Two cameras and several Tacos. What could be finer?

Art of Saying Goodbye – Union

After a wee break, we’re back!

Back in 2013, Edward had a successful team up with Union Creative for a really interesting project. The Mount Pleasant Group of Cemeteries launched the Art of Saying Goodbye website which encourages people to pre-plan their funerals and cemetery arrangements. They launched an exhibition and auction called Impressions of Life where 9 artists explore their legacies through art. The money raised was donated to Hospice Palliative Care Ontario. Edward photographed the artists and their pieces for the website. Check out our favourite portrait below and a screen grab of the beautiful watercolours from the site.

Client: Mount Pleasant Group

Agency: Union Creative

Art Director: Yasmin Sahni

Production: Julie Riley

Photo Assistants: Rico Moran/Bryan Ulrich

Retouching: Neil Wysocki



Our Doritos ad is really taking off in the contest. If you can click over and vote for us it would be swell. We’re in the #2 spot…


Vote for this spot in the contest: youtube.com/doritos?x=us-en_submissionsphase_12301_

Name: the Rift
Art Directer: Denver Eastman
Writer: Jacob Greer
Production Company: Sugino Studio
Exec Producer: Andy McLeod
Director: Edward Pond
DP: Edward Pond
Camera: Al Peacock
Editorial: Bijou
Editor: Melanie Hider
Casting: Shasta Lutz
Visual Effects: Bob Gundu
Colourist: Conor Fisher
Audio Mix: Ross Gillard

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